The Loft Achieves Google Partner Status

Posted on 6th June 2019

The Google Partner badge is a globally recognised certification which is only awarded to agencies that meet Google Ads spending requirements, deliver client revenue growth, uphold Google best practices - and even pass exams! It shows that we have the experience, skills and qualifications to offer our clients a customised advertising solution. 


“Should we be using Google Ads?” is something we hear quite often from our clients. They aren’t sure how or if it can work for them but the short answer is “yes, Google Ads can work for almost any type of business.” 


If you aren’t sure what Google Ads are, let us explain... 


Put simply, Google Ads is an online auction room and businesses pay to have their ads ranked at the top of Google’s search results 


When you search for something using Google, you will see two types of listings: paid listings and organic listings. These paid listings that appear at the top are Google Ads and they make it easy to reach customers who are searching for what you offer.


In a traditional auction, you need to compete with other people holding up their paddles. The difference with Google Ads is that you compete with other advertisers to show your ads. In the example above, Adobe has outbid Pushgroup. 


But unlike a traditional auction, the sale does not necessarily go to the highest bidder. The quality of the ad is very important because Google want to show people exactly what they’re hoping to see. 


Now that you have an overview of Google Ads, here are five great reasons to use it:


1. You can demonstrate your ROI

One of the biggest advantages of Google Ads over traditional marketing avenues such as TV or print is that it’s highly measurable. You can accurately track how many leads, sales, downloads, email signups or other key actions are generated after somebody clicks on an online ad. Indeed, campaigns which are set up to specifically target and attract the right people are almost guaranteed a positive ROI.


2. You can target the right people at the right time

Google Ads takes the guesswork out of advertising. They allow you to get in front of the people who are actively looking for the product or service you provide. Where print advertising is aspirational (you can’t choose who sees your ad), Google Ads allows you to be much more specific. 


You can target users based on their location, age, gender or device type; who have been searching for products and services similar to yours; googling key words or phrases related to your products and services; who have previously visited your website or interacted with your ads before.


3. You can see results… fast!

Google Ads is probably the fastest way to attract visitors to your website. You can expect to start seeing results such as impressions and clicks as soon as you hit ‘go’ on your advertising campaigns. You can also expect the number of leads or conversions to increase with continual optimisation of budgets, keywords, CPCS and more.


4. You are in control of your budget

You never need to worry about going over budget with Google Ads because you can set a maximum daily budget for your campaigns. However, you also have the flexibility to change this at any time which makes Google Ads completely scalable. Once you see that your campaigns are performing, you can increase your budget to generate more leads. 


5. You can complement your other marketing activities

Remarketing is a really effective way to stay connected to your target audience whilst also building brand awareness. The technique involves targeting people who have already shown an interest in your business by visiting your website or interacting with an ad. Your ads will almost ‘follow ‘them around the internet, keeping your brand at the top of their mind and persuading them to take action. 

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